Why I Wake Up Before My Child

why i wake up before my child

For the longest time, my child was my alarm clock. I woke up, when he woke up because I wanted to sleep as long as I could. Well, when he woke up, that meant I had to wake up, naturally as I already stated. Which that means that he gets to entertain himself while I get ready for the day. If I had some tasks that needed to be accomplished for the day, like cleaning, laundry or dishes, I had to take care of that around taking care of him. I felt like a terrible mom. I was putting other needs, things that did need to be done, ahead of him. Or I would have to wait until nap time to get things done. Then I decided to try getting up before him. I was able to get ready and tackle my to-do list before he woke up. It also gives me quiet time in the morning to read my Bible or a book if I don’t have anything I need to do. Then I’m ready to go and can solely focus on my son when he is ready to be up for the day. It’s a much better feeling than trying to juggle everything. It makes being a mom a whole lot easier.

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