What Does a Mom Need From You

What a Mom Really Needs from You

As a first time mom, I have experienced people giving me advice for everything for the past year of my son’s life. Most of the time, I don’t mind but we have all had those people who just like to tell us everything we are doing wrong and what we should be doing differently. But, we don’t really want to hear it. What we want is just to be listened to. If we are venting, we just want to hear the words “I understand. If you need anything, I’m here for you.” We don’t necessarily need you to try to fix our problems unless we come to you seeking advice. If you say “I’m here for you if need anything,” that opens up the possibility for us to ask for help or advice. But most of the time, we really just need someone who will listen to us. Someone who has had kids, who understands this thing called motherhood. So the next time you meet a new mom, don’t ask her how much sleep she has, if the baby sleeps all night, just simply ask “How are you doing and if you need anything, I’m here for you.”