Tips for Parenting a Difficult Toddler | Difficult Toddler

Tips for Parenting a Difficult Toddler

The toddler years are tough and they can be even tougher if you have a difficult toddler. Not every toddler behaves the same and not every trick works for every toddler. So here are some tips that may help your difficult toddler.

1. Set expectations preemptively.

2. Avoid negative languages and give other options.

3. Pick your battles.

4. Give two options with the same outcome. “Do you want to put your shoes on or do you want mommy to put them on?”

5. Give warnings and use a timer.

6. Give two options. “You have two choices. You can either stop taking toys away from your brother or you will have a time out.”

7. Choose logical consequences when you can. “If you don’t stop throwing the ball, you will get it taken away.”

8. Empathize and paraphrase.

9. Hug it out. When your child is screaming, try hugging it out to soften their emotions.

10. Get present and if you can, get outside.