Their Inner Voice | Motherhood

Everyone has an inner voice. It’s that voice inside your head that tells you that you can or can’t accomplish something. It encourages or discourages us. It can make us feel insignificant, inferior or unintelligent. It can also makes us feel intelligent, determined, significant or superior. Did you know that our children have an inner voice too, and you have power or control over it?

Children, no matter what age, are learning and discovering the world and who they are as a person. They are constantly looking to us to encourage them and  to approve of what they are doing. They are looking for that affirmation from us and right there we hold the power. We can make or break our children.

If our children constantly hear negative words towards them, about them, what do you think they are going to start thinking about themselves?  They are going to think they are worthless, unintelligent, a trouble-maker or insignificant. Now, think of the child who constantly hears positive words They are going to be determined, feel intelligent, feel confident and significant. Which outcome do you want for your children?

Now, I understand that children do need to be disciplined and I’m perfectly on-board for punishment that fits the crime, so don’t think I’m talking about that. I’m talking about the picture that your child spent time on and he is all excited to show you and your reaction isn’t “oh my goodness, that looks beautiful!” I’m talking about the tower that is 5 inches high and you’re reaction isn’t “wow, look how tall it is!” I’m talking about the time they run into the kitchen and yell “mom, I just tied my shoes!” and you them you’re on the phone. What about when you’re teenager wants to be a doctor and you say “it will take a lot of work to become a doctor, are you sure you don’t want to pick an easier career?”

These moments, these negative words or phrases really take an impact on what your child’s inner voice becomes. With negative comments adding up, they aren’t going to think much about themselves. Speak positive words to your children so they feel like they can take on the world, even if that world is just picking up their toys without being told or being able to pour the milk without spilling.