Teaching Kids Safety | Safety Tips for Kids


It’s Monday! Who’s ready for a great week?!

Today I wanted to talk to you about something very serious. In my area, there have been too many shootings, robberies and abductions. It makes me not want to go anywhere without a posse or Nathan, especially with having Michael. He isn’t old enough to play on the playground by himself or to be put in those compromising situations, but anything can happen. I’ve heard stories from people I know that people are trying to abduct children in Wal-MArt in front of their parents. It is crazy that our world has come to this. Some of you may have children old enough that abductions are in the back of your head. It’s never too early to prepare yourself and your children for those situations.

One way you can get prepared is to enroll in a local safety class. Maybe the local YMCA has a family class you can all take together. But what about when you aren’t there to protect your kids? I pray none of our children are ever put into these situations, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

1. Tell your children that if a stranger tries to take them, all manners are out the window. Scream, kick, hit, anything that can make a scene or allow you to get away.

2. Tell your children that if they are lost, find a mom with kids. Often police officers and friendly store clerks aren’t available, and you would hope that another mom would help your child.

3. Teach your kids that if someone is following them in a car, turn and run the opposite direction. It will give your child a few more seconds to get away since the driver will have to turn around.

4. Teach your kids to never keep body secrets. If someone tells them to keep a secret involving body parts, that they are to tell immediately.

5. Throw out any personalized item your child has. If a stranger knows their name, your child is more likely to trust them.

6. Create a code word. Teach your children a code word and if they are in danger, to say that code word loud enough for you to hear.

7. Teach your children to scream things that would alarm others. Be specific and creative with this. Kids have tantrums all the time and we parents struggle to keep them under control, so are strangers really going to think someone if kidnapping them? That’s where these words come in.

8. Parents, pay attention. When you are out and about, pay attention. Watch the people who are around you. The people who talk to you or your children. The people you are just staring. Don’t trust anyone.

Stay safe everyone!