Teach Your Kids a Love for Reading

Teach Your Kids to have a Love for Reading

Growing up my mom had a rule that we were only allowed 1 hour of television a day (or 1 movie if we chose a movie) until after dinner which then turned into family time. But we weren’t allowed that hour of TV until after we completed our school work (we were homeschooled) and our chores were done. Then after that hour of TV we had to find something to do. When we were little, my sisters and I usually chose to play Barbies. Some days we chose to go outside or play house. Then as I got older, my interest became books. That probably had to do with the fact that my mom displayed a love for reading. Every day part of our school work consisted of a read aloud. My mom would read the next chapter of whatever book or series we were reading together, the one(s) I remember most were the Chronicles of Narnia. I learned to love reading. I would read every chance I could get. To the point where it may have driven my mom crazy because if I was stumped on school and needed her help but she was busy with my sisters, I would pick up my book instead of moving on to something I didn’t need help with.

Society today encourages screen time. Everyone is always on their smartphones, watching tv or playing on their ipad. No one hardly picks up a book anymore and just reads. I’ve watched kids who don’t know how to go outside and use their imagination. It’s sad. Books open your world up. You can go on adventures, solve mysteries, and watch two people fall in love. Nathan and I want to instill a love for reading in our children. So far, Michael has been pretty easy with that. He does get attracted to things with screens but I find him just sitting in his room with a book all the time. He loves to “read.” Most of the time it’s pointing on all the animals he sees, which is a perfect start.

So how do you instill such a love? Well, for one, by example. Kids learn the most through example. They see what you do, they are watchers. They pick up everything. So if they see you with a book, they may learn to grab a book. Read to them. I love reading to Michael and it’s a way for him to start learning what books are really used for.

In a society that lives and breathes technology, don’t forget about the importance of reading.