Summer Activities | Summer Activities

Summer may not have been my favorite season over the years, but since having Michael, it’s really growing on me. Unless it’s raining, it’s the time of year to go on adventures and us Kolbs like our adventures! This summer has been so fun because it’s really be the first summer he is physically active enough to participate and mentally old enough to really understand it all. In case you are a mom running out of ideas to keep your kids occupied and entertained this summer, here are some of our favorite summer activities.


Michael loves to just go outback and play. From playing with sidewalk chalk to driving around in his jeep, he loves to be outside. It’s a simple way to get energy released without having to go anywhere.


Whether it’s a fun fair or country fair, it is a lot of fun to watch the excitement in your kid’s eyes. Michael was completely in awe of some of the rides and really enjoyed popping balloons. However, he wanted an actual balloon over a prize and the worker gave him both.


Maybe this one is obvious, but we LOVE our pool days and Michael is turning into quite the water baby. Just pack sunscreen, water and snacks and you will be good to go for a few hours. It’s a great way to stay cool and have fun in the summer heat!


This summer, daddy played in our church softball league (until he got injured and is now out for the season) but we still go and cheer the team on! Michael LOVES watching softball and playing in the dirt. It’s a fun evening activity that can either be “sport educational” or a time to play and get dirty.


Another one of Michael’s favorite things, is animals, especially giraffes. So we typically pack a picnic lunch and head to the zoo for a fun and educational adventure. I love watching his reaction every time we “meet” a new animal and to see which one he takes particular interest in. However, there has yet to be an animal that trumps the giraffe in his book.


Whether we are eating it at home or at the ice cream shop, Michael can’t get enough of ice cream. He particularly likes either pink ice cream (cotton candy) or brown ice cream (chocolate). And mom can’t share! This kid HAS to have his own ice cream. But the good thing, it doesn’t go to waste. Thankfully my independent child actually eats ALL his ice cream!

What are some of your favorite summer activities?!