A Smith Christmas Tradition | Christmas

I love traditions, especially Christmas tradtions so this morning, I wanted to share with you a wonderful tradition that my friend Lindsey does with her family. Reading her family tradition has really made me take a look at my life throughout the holiday season. Her family does a really selfless act all to glorify God. I think about all the stories in the Bible of how Jesus served others and


1. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

As a mom, I think we all want a certain tradition that we pass on to our children and that we are able to create that memory with them. For my family, I think my favorite tradition growing up was serving breakfast to a women’s shelter every Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Now, I can tell you that this tradition some years was a struggle, especially in my teen and young adult years. My selfish heart just wanted some extra sleep those early mornings of Christmas and some years I just wanted to open gifts faster.

2. Why is it your favorite holiday tradition?
I think this holiday tradition is most special to me because of how God teaches us. As a young child, I liked it because I was able to help my dad go and make pancakes for these women. Now, as I have grown older it has become something special to share with my husband, and eventually our children when they are old enough to serve.
The real reason I hold it so dearly is that you see such lost and broken women, who smile and are so grateful for the chocolate chip pancakes on their plate. From my view, all I see is a glimpse of how God reaches out and extends his love to us, how we totally deserved nothing, yet He smiles and says come my daughter. This is the meaning that I want my kids to see, how they deserve nothing yet God gives them love and grace.
3. How did it become a tradition in your family? 
I am not sure how this tradition began in my family when I was young but I do know that it is one that Jason and I really want to pass down to our kids in some way. This year on Thanksgiving was the first time that our oldest son was able to help serve these women, even though he is only 3, the staff knew my dad well enough to let his grandson come help some. For me, that was such a sweet and tender time to be able to serve alongside our son.

As, our family has grown and will hopefully continue to, the tradition we want to pass to them is the act of service. Whether it be in helping to serve breakfast, or picking out toys for another child, or even writing thank you cards to the women and men who serve our community and delivering them with cookies, this family tradition of service is one that we hold dearly to our hearts and truly want our kids to hold on to and cherish.


Hey y’all, I’m Lindsey. I was born and raised in the South. I met the love of my life while attending college in South Carolina, and have since relocated to Maryland. I’m a mom to two boys, so life is crazy and full of adventure most days. I also work as a nurse and love to blog about motherhood and the journey each day can bring, whether it is good or bad! I’m a daughter of the King! It is through His grace and love that even in the rough times on my journey through motherhood, he continues to teach me about grace and forgiveness. I enjoy time gathering with friends and family around a table of food and good wine, doing DIY projects around the house, watching college football, especially the Clemson Tigers, a good cup of coffee, and running!