Same Mindset Marriage

Same Mindset Marriage

In marriage, you two are on the same team. There will be times when you and your husband don’t see things  eye-to-eye and that can be challenging. That’s where having the same mindset is so important. It gives the two of you the upper hand in overcoming your differences. You both try to see things from the other person’s point of view. You both try to control your temper. If you work together on how you process a disagreement, you will have a much happier outcome that is much easier to achieve.

1. We need to understand each other better.

2. Our kids need to feel secured which comes from us being consistent.

3. I feel really strongly about this but I’m willing to discuss this until we can agree on a solution.

4. Before making a big decision, I’m going to talk this over with my spouse so we are on the same page.

5. “Honey, I’m overwhelmed. Could you please help me with ______.”

6. We’re both angry and emotional. I need to give him the benefit of the doubt and we both need to calm down.

7. Blaming isn’t going to bring us closer together.

8. With-holding sex is manipulative and passive-aggressive. Our relationship is the most important thing.

9. This fight isn’t going anywhere. I need to take it upon myself to to apologize and forgive.

10. Even though I don’t see it his way right now, but I see he is very passionate about it, so maybe I should let it go.

11. He said this, and maybe he is right or maybe he is caught up in the heat of the moment. So before I respond, I              need to take a moment to collect my thoughts.