Raising Godly Children | Motherhood

Raising Godly children in an ungodly world is not without it’s challenges. Everyday we are faced with temptations. We see sin on TV, the internet, our friends, family. It’s everywhere. We are faced with trying to be Godly everyday by turning the other cheek, reading our bible, saying our prayers, speaking positive around those who speak negative. Choosing the right words that come out of our mouths. This one sometimes bugs me because the English language is full of words and instead of choosing a curse word, find a synonym. It’s as simple as that. So how do we raise Godly children? What’s the secret in raising children to have a Godly spirit.

Start by reading the bible with them. Every night before Michael goes to bed we read the bible with him. He has a children’s bible and we read one story every night. It’s a way to already start feeding Michael the word of God and he loves it. I mean really. He actually loves it. When we say it’s time for bed, he asks about his bible. I find him “reading” his bible throughout the day. He points and says “Jesus.” He finds other people or animals and talks about them. It is an amazing feeling when your child starts talking about Jesus.

Pray. Pray for and with your children. Pray that God guides your parenting, that He would help you raise children up to know him. Pray with your children before meals, before bedtime, after a bible study. Encourage them to pray by themselves. If they are old enough to understand what praying is, encourage them to thank God for what He has given them and what He has done in their lives. Encourage them to pray for others; for friends, family and complete strangers whether they are struggling or not.

Lead by example. If we want our children to be Godly, we first must be Godly. We must show our children how to keep calm when angry, to hold our tongue, to choose love over hate. We must show them how we take time out of our day to read our bible and to pray to God. That the things we watch on TV aren’t filled with temptations. That we are nice to others even if it tends to be challenging at times.

Proverbs 6:22 “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”