“Open When” Letters | Open When Letters


I’m a sucker for DIY gifts or projects and when I came across the “open when” letters, I couldn’t help but LOVE it! Last year for Valentine’s Day, Nathan had to work all day so we couldn’t spend time together. We aren’t really into Valentine’s Day either, I don’t think we have ever really done anything for the holiday. But for some reason, last year I felt sentimental on that holiday and wanted to try this “gift.” I found out that this will be a go-to gift. Want to know why? My husband LOVED it. It gave him something to look forward to throughout the day. It’s also a gift that’s personalized, from the heart and easy.

  1. It’s your birthday.
  2. It’s my birthday.
  3. you’re missing me.
  4. you’re missing home.
  5. you need a kiss.
  6. you need a hug.
  7. you’re stressed out.
  8. you need a smile.
  9. you need a laugh.
  10. you’re feeling goofy.
  11. you’re feeling down.
  12. you’re stressed out.
  13. you’re bored.
  14. you’re having a bad day.
  15. you’re having a great day.
  16. you want to talk to me.
  17. you are celebrating an accomplishment.
  18. we’ve said goodbye.
  19. you’ve been deployed for a week.
  20. you’ve been deployed for 30 days.
  21. you’re halfway through with deployment.
  22. you’re in the last month of your deployment.
  23. you’re on the plane/boat home.
  24. it’s our anniversary.
  25. we haven’t been able to talk in a while.
  26. you want to hold my hand.
  27. you don’t feel loved.
  28. you don’t feel respected at work.
  29. you don’t feel needed.
  30. it’s Christmas.
  31. it’s New Year’s Eve. S
  32. it’s New Year’s Day.
  33. it’s Valentine’s Day.
  34. it’s Groundhog’s Day.
  35. it’s St. Patrick’s Day.
  36. it’s Easter.
  37. it’s Memorial Day.
  38. it’s Independence Day.
  39. it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day.
  40. it’s Halloween.
  41. it’s Veterans Day.
  42. it’s Thanksgiving.
  43. it’s [insert holiday of your choosing].
  44. it’s the first day of Winter.
  45. it’s the first day of Spring.
  46. it’s the first day of Summer.
  47. it’s the first day of Fall.
  48. it’s [child’s name] birthday.
  49. you need a reminder of how much I love you.
  50. you’re feeling nostalgic.
  51. you’re feeling sick.
  52. you can’t sleep.
  53. you’re tired.
  54. you’re homesick. I
  55. you miss the USA.
  56. you need me.
  57. you’re angry with me.
  58. you’ve forgotten what I smell like.
  59. you need a pep talk.
  60. I’m sad and you don’t know what to do.
  61. you miss your friends.
  62. you need reassurance.
  63. you’re disappointed.
  64. I’m angry with you.
  65. you’re tired of deployment.
  66. you’re nervous.
  67. you’re embarrassed.
  68. you’re not sure what to do.
  69. you are impatient.
  70. you’re thinking about the future.
  71. it’s miserable outside.
  72. it’s beautiful outside.
  73. you’re thinking about me.
  74. you need to complain.
  75. you need courage.
  76. you need to make a decision.
  77. you don’t feel appreciated.
  78. you’re ready to give up.
  79. you’re tired of being patient.
  80. something isn’t going your way.
  81. you need to pray.
  82. you feel really far away.
  83. you feel alone.
  84. something’s gone wrong.
  85. you want to talk to me and we can’t.
  86. you’ve finished a really good book/show/movie.
  87. something exciting happened.
  88. you experienced something you want to share with me.
  89. you did something dumb.
  90. you’re worried.
  91. you need to make a decision.
  92. you feel caged.
  93. you’re feeling romantic.
  94. you miss our date nights.
  95. you want to take your mind off something.
  96. you’re discouraged.
  97. you need to hear a few compliments.
  98. you need a reminder why I love you.
  99. you’re missing our/your pet.
  100. you’re missing our kids.
  101. you feel left out.
  102. you want to open a letter.
  103. Every hour of the day