One Question to Ask Your Husband Daily | Marriage

Here on Classic Kolbs, I’ve written posts about how to better your marriage, and one thing that I’ve tried to emphasize over and over again is prayer. Prayer is a really powerful tool if you use it. Our husbands are the leader of our home, the person we have chosen to go through life with and it’s so important to pray for their leadership, their trust in the Lord, for guidance, for wisdom, faith and the list goes on. We can pray for all of these daily, but we can take it one step further by opening the window to pray even further. One question that you can ask your husband every day is: How can I pray for you?

Talk to your husband every day about how you can pray for him. He may be struggling with something that you are unaware of. Communication is key to understanding your husbands inner most thoughts and feelings. If we want to best serve and pray for our husbands, then we need to ask them how I can pray for you.

Opening up this new window of communication and opportunity to really pray for our husbands needs, will take your deeper in your marriage. You will reach a new depth because you are taking your marriage, your personal struggles to the Lord together. You are making your marriage a priority in a very deep and spiritual way. So every day, whether that’s at the dinner table or before you go to sleep. Talk to your husband and ask him How can I pray for you? Listen to him with your whole heart. Let God take the words and move your heart. Be understanding to your husband’s struggles. Support him. Pray for him.