My Birthday Wish

A few weeks ago my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday. Hearing that question, most people tend to think about materialistic gifts. But as I thought on the question for a few seconds, I knew what I wanted. I wanted a family night. A night filled with board games, food and my family. Over the last month, my family has been hit pretty hard and it’s made me realize just how important family really is. I love spending time with my family. That may sound cliche but it’s true. I know people who like to be by themselves, who like the quiet and it just seems like a lonely life. I love having people around, I like the noise, the laughter, the chaos.

So last Saturday night, we stayed up until midnight (yes midnight! I’m usually in bed by 9 and asleep by 10 so that was really late for me) playing load questions and laughing at everybody’s answer. It was the perfect night. I’m beyond thankful for my family. Then last night (on my birthday) the family came over for some more good food, games and a movie. There’s really nothing I like more in this world than spending time with my family.

That was my birthday wish. That is what I wanted for my birthday. To be with my family. Such a simple thing was the perfect way to celebrate.