The Meaning Behind the Name

So I realized, I don’t think I have ever really explained the meaning behind Classic Kolbs. I’m sure you can figure out that the Kolb part is because it’s our last name and there are multiple ones in our family(oh and my husband guest posts occasionally). But there are quite a few meanings behind the classic part. I had to think long and hard about what I wanted to name my blog. Nothing seemed right. I knew I wanted to use my last name because I was focusing my blog around my family, being a wife and mother. But it couldn’t be, that just doesn’t make any sense and was too boring. So I started brainstorming words that really described my family. We were fun, down to earth and see life as a gift. But again, I couldn’t find the right word and I wanted it to be different than the next person. What makes my family stand out? Then it hit me, classic. Not classy, but classic. Timeless, we prefer things of old than of new and it was perfect. So that’s how I came up with our name but I want to give you more insight as to why I chose the word “classic.”

1. Nathan and I use the world “classic” a lot in describing things. Like “Classic Michael” is used quite a bit.

2. We love the 1940s and 1950s especially their choice of fashion. The music of the 50s is one of my jams too.

3. We are not your typical “Modern Family,” at all. We may have technology but we like to read, play games, go for walks ect. I firmly do NOT believe in “every child’s a winner” because that is setting them up for failure big time. I also firmly believe in chores, rules and consequences. I want my children to be well behaved and respectful, I never want anyone to think “Oh no, the Kolbs are here.” We have a very “old school” parenting style. With the foundations of God, love, respect and fun.