It’s the Little Things that Last a Lifetime | Life

Can you do something for me? Close your eyes and think back on your life. From the first memory you have as a kid to the last memory you made.

What came to mind? I’ll tell you some of the things that came to my mind. Playing Barbies with my sisters, sleepovers at my grandma’s, feeding calves, family walks around the farm, shopping days with mom & grandma, playing kick-the-can with the cousins, all the cousins having chicken pox on Christmas, horse camp, ice skating with my boyfriend (who happens to be my husband), little college moments, the proposal, the wedding, long talks with the best friend, finding out we are going to have a baby, finding out our baby is a boy, the past 20 months of his life, and the list goes on.

There’s even things throughout my every day like the first “hi” I get from Michael, learning of a new word, cuddling on the couch, evenings with the husband.

Most of the memories that stuck out for me were little moments. They all weren’t about expensive clothes, expensive gadgets or automobiles. They were little things. All of those little moments in your life. From the first time you rode a bike to the day you became a mommy, it’s all those little things that you remember.

As adults, we need to remember that and to raise our children with that same value. To remember that they don’t need an Ipad, the most stylish clothes, the newest car because when you look back on your life, those things shouldn’t be what mattered.

Hundreds of years ago people got by and were grateful with so much less. They didn’t even have technology, or cars and not everyone could afford a wardrobe that was “in style,” but they were happy with what they had. Are you?

I’m going to end this post there. Are you grateful for your life? Are you taking in and making the most out of the little moments? Because when you look back on your life in another 40+ years, what will you remember?