I’ve Got a Mom Crush | Mom Crush

There’s probably someone in your life that you could classify as your “mom crush.” Whether that is one of your inner circle friends, a woman who goes to church with you or someone you follow on social media. You are spending your days comparing your life to hers.

You compare your clothing choice for the day to hers. You’re wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt and she is rocking skinny jeans. Your hair is up in a messy bun and her hair looks flawless. Your make-up is, what make-up, I didn’t put make-up on today and hers is on-point. Her house is always cleaner than yours, her children behave better and smile for pictures. Her car is cleaner and newer than yours. Let me tell you something, your “mom crush” is ruining your life. You spend your days comparing your life to hers when you should be living your life.

So what if haven’t managed to shower today and your kids had chicken nuggets for lunch. Does it matter that you didn’t get around to vacuuming today or get those dishes done? You should be patting yourself on the back because you survived a tantrum in the middle of the grocery store. Be proud of yourself that you were able to get at least 2 loads of laundry accomplished and beds made. You are succeeding even if it’s in the small mundane things.

Your “mom crush” is ruining your life. Instead of seeing yourself as successful in those moments, you see yourself as a failure because you weren’t folding the laundry in heels. So what if your hair and make-up weren’t fabulous while you were battling to “keep your cool” in the grocery store because your child didn’t want the bread to be bagged. So what if the back seat of your car is full of crumbs and you don’t drive the latest model. So what, so what, so what? It doesn’t matter, it shouldn’t matter and you know why? Because you are doing the best that you can. You are loving your kids before you love yourself. You are putting their needs before our own. We all know that we want to look cute but some days that’s unrealistic. Oh, and one more thing. Your “mom crush” is living a lie.

That’s right. Your “mom crush” doesn’t always have it together either. I’m sure there a plenty of days in her life that aren’t picture perfect. I’m sure she looks like a mess some days. I’m sure her children have temper tantrums and that she doesn’t always cook a gourmet meal. That’s life people. It isn’t perfect, no one is perfect.

My point is, don’t have a “mom crush.” Don’t compare yourself to one another. Instead, encourage one another. Life one another up. We have all been there. We have all had days that seem like we are being defeated. But remember the good times. Those moments throughout the day that make you smile. That reminds you of the reason you didn’t get around to doing your hair. Maybe your kids are having chicken nuggets for lunch, again, because you were too busy building forts to pay attention to the time. Enjoy your life and dump your “mom crush.” Instead, have mom friends.