Indoor Activities for Kids on a Rainy Day


With having kids, rainy days can not be the easiest thing. Kids love going outside, playing and having fun so being cooped up in the house isn’t always easy. They can only watch some much TV a day and sometimes they get bored really fast. That’s where we have to come up with some fun activities to keep their attention and to keep them from destroying the house.

1. Color

2. Play-doh

3. Puzzles

4. Read books

5. Scavenger Hunt

6. Obstacle Course

7. Hide-n-seek

8. Baking

9. Build with Blocks

10. Dance Party

11. Build a fort

12. Pillow walk

13. Finger Paint

14. Sort with pom poms

15. Stack canned food

16. Indoor bowling

17. Make a craft

18. Have a play date

19. Play with Barbies, farm animals, legos ect.

20. Board Games