What I’m thankful for…about my mom | Thanksgiving


The most important woman in my life…and my best friend

1. Her selflessness.

2. Her love for her grandchildren.

3. Her strength.

4. Her passion.

5. Her bravery.

6. Her acts of service.

7. For teaching me about God.

8. Her goofiness.

9. Her loyalty.

10. Her unconditional love.

11. Her cooking.

12. Her family traditions.

13. Her determination.

14. Her friendship.

15. Her kindness.

  • Your mom sounds like such a wonderful lady!

    • She is a very wonderful lady. Moms are beyond irreplaceable. My heart aches for those who have lost their mother and or never got the chance to know her. They are the ones who encourage, love and support unconditionally.