I’m Thankful for Your Kingdom | Thanksgiving


I’ve really been struggling with how to “comment” on the election. I wasn’t sure to who to vote for. Neither candidate really drew me to them, I was more driven away. I’ve seen so much negativity and hatred filtering around social media and honestly, we should be better than this. But unfortunately, most of us aren’t. However, us Christians, we can and should rise above this. We need to be the beacon of light in this dark world.

My father-in-law is the pastor of the church my family attends and we are currently going through the study he has titled: Living Godly Among the Ungodly. This past Sunday, his sermon focused on 1 Kings 20:1-43 about Ben-hadad and Ahab. I encourage you to read it to fully understand where I’m going with this post. At the end of his sermons, my father-in-law likes to apply the passage to our lives. So what could we take from the story about Ben-hadad and Ahab? 1) Like the prophets of this story, we Christians need to display boldness as we speak for God while we live in an ungodly world. 2)We need to let people know that their is a God and He as revealed Himself in the scriptures. 3) We need to let the people know that God is a God of Grace and he has provided salvation through His son, Jesus. 4) Let people know that God desires an ungodly nation to repent.

Now, you may be wondering where I’m going with this. What does my father-in-law’s sermon have to do with who won the presidential election? There’s a few ways I’m going tie it together. 1)We need to not be afraid to speak out for God. Even if this country turns from God and we live in an ungodly nation, we need to be bold in our faith. 2)The bible says in Romans 13, that we need to obey our ruler because he was put in government by God. So whether we like him or not, he will be our president and God wants us to obey him. Our job as Christians and Americans is to  obey, pray and speak boldly about Christ. Not bold in the sense of “in everybody’s face” but to be proud of being a Christian and to display His love. My father-in-law said this, if your hope is for a republican president, a republican senate and a republican congress, you are putting your hope in the wrong thing. All of our hope needs to be in Christ.

Our worship pastor tries to link the songs we sing to the message and one of the songs he selected is Build Your Kingdom Here by Rend Collective (the video is at the end of the post), I strongly encourage you to listen to it because it fits in so perfectly with Living Godly Among the Ungodly. There really isn’t any part of this song that “isn’t good” but I really want to focus on this part:

We are Your church
We pray: revive this earth
Build Your kingdom here
Let the darkness fear
Show Your mighty hand
Heal our streets and land
Set Your church on fire
Win this nation back
Change the atmosphere
Build Your kingdom here
We pray

Before reading on, please reread those lyrics. Let them sink in. Really sink in. We, all of us Christians, are the church. My father-in-law loves to remind us that a church isn’t a building, it’s a body of believers. If we stand together, if we pray, if we show God’s love, we can make a difference. A difference in our home, our family, our friends, our community and if we all stand together, we can reach a greater part of this world. Some of us will face persecution, some of us will face it worse than others. But we need to stand strong in our faith. God will never leave us nor forsake us.

Today, I’m thankful for His Kingdom. I’m trying my best to live everyday to glorify Him not my neighbor. I’m thankful that it doesn’t matter what this world looks likes because His Kingdom is far greater. I pray that God build his church in America through the help of us. We need to stick together and pray for our country. Don’t bash it, don’t bash Trump. Pray. I’ll leave you with another lyric:

We are Your church
We need Your power in us
We seek Your kingdom first…
We lay down our life for Heaven’s cause