What I’m Thankful for…about my best friend


I am ending my “What I’m Thankful for” series by talking about my best friend. Everyone has a best friend and there are reasons why our best friend gets that title, here are some reasons why Claire deserves that title.

1. Her honesty.

2. Her support.

3. Her ability to just “get it.”

4. Her ability to not “walk on eggshells” when it comes to telling me like it is.

5. Her friendship.

6. Our ability to either 1)text everyday or 2)go for days without talking and picking right back up

7. Her ability to listen.

8. Her ability to give advice.

9. Her strength.

10. Her loyalty.

11. Her forgiveness.

12. Similar personalities and take on adventures.

13. Her kindness.

14. Her love.

15. Her Christian viewpoints.


  • So sweet! Good friends are such a gift.

    • They really are. It’s amazing at how such a simple act of friendship can really impact your life. I’m truly thankful for all my past and present friends because at one time or another, they brought something to my life whether I understood it at the time or not.