My Husband is a Gift from God

My husband is a gift from God

Have you ever thought about your husband being a gift from God? Well, he is, plain and simple. Remember as a little girl when you dreamed of getting married and you knew what characteristics you wanted in someone? Well, God listens but he also knows what we NEED. He created my husband specifically for me. He knew what I would need in life; what I would struggle with. I may not always agree with my husband and he may drive me crazy from time-to-time, but where would I be without him? I obviously wouldn’t be married to him and that also means, I wouldn’t have Michael. Aside from the those two obvious things, my husband is a gift for so many other reasons. He provides for me, he cares for me, he loves me, he makes me laugh and the list goes on.

I bet if I looked at my husband as a gift, I may treat him differently. Not that I mistreat my husband but it gives me a different perspective on what actions I take or words I use. Maybe this way will make more sense, go back to when you were a child and it was Christmas morning, you got all the presents you wanted and you treated them so special because they were a gift. Sometimes the things we treasure and treat most special are the things that were given to us. Well, our husbands were given to us. Keep that in mind, God gave him to you.