How to Host “Game” Night

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Game Night! And no, I’m not talking about sports. I really enjoy playing board games. It’s a time to either be competitive, have fun, make a fool of yourself and just have a good time with friends. There are a few key tricks in my opinion to have a successful game night. I find that in order to have a successful game night, 3 things need to be taken into consideration.

  1. Choose the right friends. Sometimes having a successful game night comes right down to which friends you invite. Depending on the environment or what kind of “fun” you want to have. I’m not competitive, so if I want to have a fun game night, I’m not going to invite my friends that will be out for cold blood. You also want to choose friends who actually like each other. Just because your friends with “Sally” doesn’t mean “Andy” is going to like “Sally.” You may even want to choose your couple friends, friends that you both like (if you’re married).
  2. Pick the right games. Game night comes down to games. What games should you play? Well again, it comes down to what kind of environment you want. Competitive? Fun? You may play multiple games and you can choose a variety. Or you can have a game theme. One thing my husband and I want to do is have a “How to Host a Murder” party (so when that happens, I’ll give you tips on that!)
  3. Food.  You can’t have game night without food. Am I right?! I highly recommend throwing in pizza or ordering because everyone loves pizza. Then you definitely want to add some sides, I love Taco Roll Ups (simply cream cheese and taco seasoning mixed together, spread on a shell, sprinkle with cheese, roll and cut) and chips and dip is always a crowd pleaser.

  • YES, food is the most important part, for sure!!! And oh my gosh, I am longgggg overdue for a game night- they are my favorite!

    xo Katie

    • So are we! One our busy month of vacations is over, we are definitely going to putting one on the calendar.