Holiday Season Experience


Hey Guys, Happy Monday!

I’m so excited to be kicking off my new blogging style with this post. If you don’t know this about me, I love the holiday season. Halloween, Thanksgiving and especially Christmas! October really is the start of the holiday season for me. It’s the beginning of everyone getting ready for Halloween. Which will transition into Thanksgiving followed by the best holiday, Christmas. October 1 – December 31 if my favorite time of the year. However, this holiday season is a little bit different. Last year, Nathan and I welcomed Michael into the world. Which meant that last holiday season, was full of firsts. Michael’s first time at the apple orchard, Michael’s first costume, his first Halloween, first Thanksgiving, first taste of mashed potatoes, first time sitting on Santa’s lap and first Christmas. It was the best holiday season EVER!

This year, will be different but just as exciting. Last year I focused on all the firsts that Michael will have, this year is all about what he can do. We have gone to the apple orchard a couple different times this year and he is able to walk around, point out the animals, feed the animals and actually eat an apple cider donut. If you saw my post last Thursday, he painted his first pumpkin. So this year, I’m excited to watch him do things. For the Halloween season, he will actually be able to trick-or-treat. Maybe not that well, but he will be able to walk around and get into it as much as an 18 month old can. This year he will be able to eat his first Thanksgiving meal. He will be able to help me bake Christmas cookies and actually get to eat them. Usually, Nathan and I always had an artificial tree. But last year, it decided to die. So this year we are going to try our first real tree (if it’s a complete disaster, next year we can go back to the artificial tree). Which means, Michael will get to help pick out our tree and help decorate it. I’m hoping to make gingerbread houses and go caroling. Crossing my fingers that this year, the Santa experience will go a little smoother. Last year he was fine as long as he was looking at Santa, but if he looked at me, crocodile tears. So pray it goes better this year!

I’m a person, wife and mom who loves traditions. I’m a sucker for them and there’ no better time for traditions than the holidays. What are some of the traditions that you like to do with your family? I’d love to hear from you! So please, leave a comment below.

Bye Guys!