I Held You Too Long | Motherhood


Some day it’s really hard to believe you are going to be 2 years old in just over 2 months. It doesn’t seem like you should be that old already but at the same time I can’t remember life without you. I look back on life with you and even today and I realized, I held you too long.

I held you too long while you were sleeping in my arms instead of getting work done around the house. I held you a little longer before I put you to bed instead of sticking to your bedtime. I held you when you cried instead of letting you “toughed up.” I held you too long when you said “up please” instead of letting you be independent and self-sufficient. Instead of cleaning the house today, picking up toys or getting food prepared at that second, I held you too long.

Some people could say that I was spoiling you but do you know what I say? You’re growing up. Every day gets closer and closer to the day that you don’t want me to hold you anymore. That you don’t want me to hold your hand, to give kisses or “just because hugs.” So, every day I’m going to hold you too long because I want to take advantage of every second of you wanting me before I don’t get that back. You’re not going to be little forever, you’re going to grow up, so before you do, I’m going to hold you a little longer and a little tighter each day before you’re not little anymore.