Get Out With Your Spouse | Marriage

Get out with your spouse

One thing that plays a huge role in your marriage is having fun. You need to be able to have fun with your spouse and you need to get out with your spouse. It’s easy to stay in and watch movies every night and every weekend, but that leads to getting stuck in a rut. So instead, get outside with your spouse. Go and do things. Have fun. These outdoor date ideas are a way to really have fun with your spouse, bring out some competition and allow for some good laughs

1. Hike a difficult trail

2. Downhill ski

3. Ice Skating

4. Cross-Country Skiing

5. Sledding

6. Plant a vegetable garden

7. Do a benefit walk/run

8. Canoe/Kayak

9. Mini Golf

10. Dance in the rain

11. Spend a day at the beach

12. Have a picnic

13. Play at a park

14. Sleep in a tent

15. Landscape together

16. Barbeque together

17. Sit around a campfire

18. Walk through a woods

19. Rock climb

20. Skip Stones

21. Go fishing

22. Stargaze

23. Go for a walk to see the sunrise

24. Volunteer for a community cleanup

25. Feed the ducks