Friday Movie Night

Classic Kolbs - Movie Night

If you know anything about the Kolbs, you know that we LOVE our movies. We don’t get to go out to see very many new movies in the theaters, unless it’s one we really REALLY want to see (for me, it’s just about anything that stars Chris Hemsworth *cue swoon). However, we have plenty of movies on hand as well as Netflix. Something I grew up with was every Friday night, we watched a movie, at either fingers food or pizza and had a camp-out on our living room floor. Since we welcomed Michael into the world 13 months ago, this is a tradition that I was determined to continue with my little family. So tonight, we will be sitting on the couch, with our feet up, watching a movie and enjoying the little things in life, which in short is Family Time. Is there a tradition you grew up with that you want to continue with your family? If not, why not start a tradition now?