First Christmas Keepsake | Christmas

It’s really hard to believe that we will be celebrating Christmas with Michael for the second time. Thinking about last Christmas, it’s crazy to think that one year ago he wasn’t crawling, he wasn’t talking and I don’t even think he had gotten his first tooth yet. Now this Christmas he is running, talking and is completely addicted to food. Crazy how much they can change in a year!

Which brings me to my topic, First Christmas Keepsake. Since children grow up rather quickly, I strongly believe that we need to take and make as many memories as we can to hold on to. To look back and see how tiny they were, or how developed a certain skill has gotten. As we put up our Christmas tree this year, I hung two new ornaments, one with Michael’s picture in from last Christmas and his hand print from last Christmas. I loved looking at how tiny his little hand was, especially in comparison to the size of his hand now. This is a project that I want to do with all of my children. On their first Christmas (maybe not ON Christmas, but during that time period) I want to make a hand print ornament as a wonderful First Christmas Keepsake. I encourage you to do the same. It doesn’t have to be a hand print or an ornament with their picture in it. I’m allowing and encouraging you to be creative. But make something to remember their first Christmas by because before you know it, it’ll be their second.

Michael’s First Christmas