Fall in Love All Over Again

Fall in Love All Over Again

It is so important to keep your marriage fresh and alive but it’s very easy to get stuck in a rut. Sometimes we get focused on what “I” want and we forget about what “we” need. Find a way to fall in love all over again with your husband every day.

1. Set time aside every night for your husband

2. Don’t confuse the action of love with the feeling of love

3. Don’t focus on what he isn’t doing, focus on what he is doing

4. Remember

5. Flirt with your husband

6. Pray for your husband and thank God for him

7. Don’t neglect the physical side

8. Don’t bash your husband to your friends or family

9. Remember, your husband is not your child

10. Learn to forgive and let go

Photo Cred: Sean MacDonald Photography