Evenings with Your Spouse | Quality Time Together


Hey Guys, it’s Tuesday!! I know that isn’t much, the weekend still seems sooooo far away, BUT, it’s better than Monday! Am I right?!

Well, last night Nathan and I did something SUPER fun! Can you guess by the pictures (it’s at the top of the post in case you missed it). That’s right. We played chess. Lord of the Rings style!

I love love LOVE playing board games with Nathan. With him, I am super competitive and a sore loser. Not where I get angry or throw a fit, I would just like to beat him ONCE in my lifetime. Is that too much to ask for?

Well, back to the point. The two games we really like to play because it’s challenging and fun (also the two games I’m dying to beat him at) would be Chess and Stratego (we play clue and logo TV/Movie quotes for fun fun). It’s a great way to spend time with Nathan and do something we both like to do. But I’m not going to go on and on about how much we just like to play the game, there is a little more depth to this post.

Michael’s bedtime routine begins and 7:30 with brushing his teeth, saying good night to the one who is not putting him to bed, reading a bible story, reading Good Night Moon and saying his prayers (well, we say them for him). Then it’s time for us time. Most nights, it’s watching a TV show or a movie. Just relaxing on the couch. Which isn’t all bad, it’s something we both really like to do. But I got thinking and I want to make a change. Evenings shouldn’t just be picking up the mess, watching something and going to bed. It’s a chance where the two of us can really talk and reconnect without the interruption of the cutest little boy.

So at least once or twice a week maybe, I want to take time away from the TV and play a game with husband. Laugh, joke, compete and just have fun with my husband. Take time to really “date” my husband, even if it’s in our house, in our living room AND in my pajamas (cause let’s face it, I’m usually in them by 5:00 anyway).

I would LOVE to hear from YOU! What are somethings that you and your husband do in the evenings after the kids go to bed? I’m thinking a game of twister may be in the near future…he doesn’t know that yet!

Have a wonderful day friends!

Bye 🙂