Do You Take Him For Granted? | Marriage

Two weeks ago, my sister’s husband walked out on her and their kids. He left his family. She no longer has a husband. I’ve been over helping them adjust to live without a husband and father in the picture on a daily basis. My heart breaks for them. I watch her struggle to remain calm throughout the day. I watch her try to catch her breath. I watch her try to find time to take a shower. I watch her make breakfast, lunch and dinner. I hear of the stories when it comes to bedtime. I hear the story of her son crying at night for daddy. I hear the stories of her going to bed alone and waking up to challenge the difficulties the day would bring. I leave and head home knowing that soon my husband will be home to help with our son, with any tasks I didn’t get to and just for company. My sister doesn’t get that anymore. She has to do everything alone and it makes me wonder, do I take my husband for granted?

I know that no matter how good or  bad my day has been, he will be home in the evening. He will get to play with our son, help me with bedtime, help clean the kitchen from dinner. On his days off, he can wake up when Michael does. He can take the dog out. He can help clean the house. Do the laundry. He can help with discipline and playtime. I get help. I have someone in my life there to help me, there to talk to me and there to just “be with me.”

It’s easy to take things for granted and seeing, or knowing that my sister now has to do everything by herself, makes me realize how blessed I am to have a husband. Not just any husband, but my husband. Someone who understands that he is a father and parenting is also his responsibility. A husband who understands that when he is home making a mess, he can help keep a clean house. A husband who understands we are in this together. When we got married our lives became one and having a child makes our lives revolve more around them and he understands that.

So the next time your husband picks up the toys, thank him. The next time he folds the laundry for you, thank him. The next time he forgets to put his shoes on the mat, thank him for taking out the garbage. Some women in this world do the wife tasks and the husband tasks. There’s a woman in this world that doesn’t get the luxury of having a partner to help. Don’t take your husband for granted today.