DIY Activity for Your Toddler | DIY Toddler Activities

Does your toddler ever get bored of their toys? Or do you ever feel like you need to challenge them a bit? Well, let me tell you how Twister and Cars became a new activity in the Kolb home.

Michael is one smart cookie for not even being two yet. He knows all of his colors and can say the majority of them as well. He likes to spend a good chunk of his playing with cars. And by playing I mean, lining them up, carrying them around or telling me to look at them. He hasn’t quite taken an interest in driving them around his car mat unless I initiate it but then it only lasts maybe 3 minutes. Well, one day he got into the game cupboard and pulled out Twister. He likes that it has colors on it but once again his version of playing the game is just running around on it or break dancing. Well, this particular day I got an idea. I saw the colors on the mat and I saw that most of his cars were green, red, yellow and blue. *DING!* Light bulb went on. So I asked Michael what color the jeep was he was holding, “yellwa” replies, so I asked him which spot it should go on. He places it on the yellow circle. And so began sorting his cars based on what color they were. He actually caught on rather quick and was rather successful. Proud mom moment there.

I strongly encourage you to teach your children and make things more challenging for them. This idea just popped into my head by looking at items we already have. You don’t need to go to the store and buy all these expensive “tools,” “activities,” or “curriculum” to educate your children. Find things you have lying around the house. Help grow their minds. Simple things like sorting cars on a Twister mat can really help them grow and develop. It challenges them, it makes them think. It puts two things together. He knew the color of the car and he knew the color of the circle, so the next step was putting two and two together by realizing that they matched.