Evaluating Life Priorities

Evaluating Life Priorities

It has been a good while since my first post. Well, I’m just too busy these days. So busy I can’t do things I want to do; or should be doing. In John Piper’s book “Brothers, we are not professionals” Piper quotes and uses examples from the life of Jonathan Edwards. Edwards, as told in Piper’s book, set aside an hour to an hour and a half for studying God’s word and uninterrupted prayer. Piper thinks that this is a discipline that we should practice and I agree. But come on. Edwards was a 19th century minister. His job was supposed to have time set aside for that. I’m a modern father, with a full-time job and a family to worry about. I’m too busy … too busy.

Busy. I think about that word and I start to wonder. How busy am I? I’m caught up in all the things I want to do, but maybe I should be examining the things I do on a regular basis. For me, the word “busy” implies the things that I am doing are some sort of duty or responsibility. There are plenty of things that do not fall into those categories.

When I was in college, while watching “The Office” Dwight says that he has seen over 240 films. This got me thinking; how any movies have I seen? From here I proceeded to open an Excel Document and started to list movies I have seen, this way there would be no double counting. Anyway, as time went on by I added movies as I saw them or remembered them. Then one day I noticed the number of movies. Over 1100 movies … 1100. So let’s say each movie was two hours long (many of which were in fact over two hours). That’s 2200 hours, which is just over 91 days. That is 3 months straight of movies. I’m 26 years old and 3 months out of my life doesn’t seem like that much, but there are a few things to calculate into this equation: 1. That list was not complete. 2. It’s not counting multiple viewings of these movies. 3. It’s not counting T.V. shows. 4. It’s not counting multiple viewings of those shows. 5. It’s not counting time spent of reading comics. 6. It’s not counting time spent on video games. If I added all those too, I bet it would add up to years. Multiple. YEARS.

Now it’s starting to take effect. A 26 year old minus 1/3 of my life due to sleeping minus multiple years on non-responsible, non-duty, and non spiritual distractions is a grim prospect. If I even had a minor interest in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Pinterest I would be so preoccupied I probably wouldn’t eat. (I’m not saying any one of these things is necessarily harmful).

It is a tough realization when it finally sinks in. All this time my “hectic” schedule really is just a moderate one. All of the things I should be doing just are not a priority in reality. My spiritual life, family life, physical health, etc. suffers because of what I choose to spend my time on. So I offer this self-analysis:

I’m not busy … I’m distracted.