Christmas Stockings | Christmas

Before Michael was born, Nathan and I didn’t have stockings. I didn’t really see the point. Also, with my personality, I wanted our family stockings to be the same. I didn’t want us to all have different styles. I grew up with my mom making all of our stockings out of felt and she would glue on different holiday characters or shapes (snowmen, star, candy cane, Christmas tree ect) of our choosing. I LOVED it. It’s something that I think about when I look back on all of our Christmases. But, I wanted that to my childhood memory and it’s something that my mom has continued as the grandchildren have born. Last year, we welcomed Michael into the world and it was about time that I made a decision on stockings. For me, I knew store bought stockings were out of the question for numerous reasons. 1)What if by the time I have the next child they won’t have that stocking anymore and 2)I knew I wanted to make our stockings.

So I got to researching (you know, on Pinterest) at different stockings to see what was drawing my attention. I had several that I liked the idea of but none that really jumped out at me. I had my list narrowed down and realized that I like stocking A because of “this” and stocking B because of “that.” Bingo! That’s how I got my idea for our stockings. I went to JoAnn Fabrics to figure out what patterns I actually wanted, and since I knew Nathan and I want to have 4 kids, I made sure I bought enough fabric! I picked a primitive red plaid pattern for the main stocking, with a red burlap for the top and a white snowflake pattern for the toe. I am completely in love with how they turned out! Getting them out this year brought another smile to my face because it’s something completely unique and personalized to our family.

How did you decide on your family stockings?