Your Children Believe in Santa? | Christmas

Have you ever gotten or been afraid of getting the appalled comment: “Your children believe in Santa?” Some people don’t want their children believing in Santa for reasons like, “lying to them,” “why should Santa get the credit for gifts I buy,”  or what about “Santa becomes the center of Christmas and we forget about the real meaning.” On one hand, I see where they are coming from, but, I have a huge but. Let me explain.

What or who is Santa? Santa is a magical man that brings toys to children all around the world. Someone call the police, why should anyone bring toys for children, right?! Wrong. Look at the example you can set for your children with this. Santa is giving children toys without asking anything in return. It’s a selfless act. He brings toys to children to bring them happiness. Why not use that to teach your children about the act of giving; bringing joy to others, especially those in need.

Then there’s a word called, imagination. Do kids these days even know what an imagination is? From my experience, once children reach 5-6 years old, they lose their imagination. They forget how to play without electronics. Without the TV on, a tablet in their hands, they have no idea what to do with themselves. I remember playing Barbies, or house with my sisters for a good part of my childhood. I remember running around outside, playing “lava” with my cousins. Kids these days, don’t know how to do that. To be totally honest, it’s sad. I want my child (and future children) to know about technology and be familiar with it since we are moving toward a technology based world, but (there’s that word again), I want them to know how to interact with people and how to play without the need for technology. I believe that Santa helps keep a child’s imagination alive. Believing that a man is coming to bring them toys, that he has flying reindeer and elves, how much closer to imagination can you get?

Now, I fully believe that Christ needs to be the main focus of Christmas. After all, His name is in the holiday. Teach your children to give selflessly, read the Bible, participate in advent, read The Christmas Story and attend a Christmas Eve service. I see nothing wrong with your children believing in Santa as long as you remember what Christmas is really about.