Bible Study Part Two | Wife Wednesday


Good Morning Ladies, It’s time for another Wife Wednesday!

Last night was our second night studying the books For Women Only and For Men Only. I wanted to share what us wives studied, it was chapter 4: The Loneliest Burden. This chapter talked about our husband’s need, desire and “burden” to be the provider for our family. It says that most men don’t care how much their wives make at work, they still feel the need to provide for the family. That it is their job. According to the book, providing is at the core of a man’s identity and it’s their way of saying “I love you.” So when we, the wives, don’t show appreciation, or we complain or worry about our financial situation, it really puts hurts our husbands and makes them think that we don’t care about them providing. It’s a heavy burden for them to bear but it’s one they want to bear.

As wives, we want to help. We want to help our husbands carry the load, whether that’s financially or emotionally. So what should we do? The books gives us a couple options. 1) Help relieve the pressure. Instead of putting more pressure on our husbands we need them to know that we believe in them. 2)Encourage and appreciate them. Thank him regularly for providing for your family. Some of the things that I like to do for Nathan to show him that I appreciate all that he does for us, is I will either send him a text thanking him for going to work and providing for us or I will leave a sticky-note taped to his bathroom mirror. It’s little things like that that can make a huge difference in this burden they want to bear.

Have a wonderful Wednesday friends and think about ways you can help your husband with this burden.