Be a Fun Mom

Classic Kolbs - Be a Fun Mom

Short and sweet, be a fun mom. Don’t be the mom who always tell their child no and who prefers to do your own things then taking the time to spend with your kid. Do you know how many times I push my child around the store and probably completely embarrass myself with singing, dancing and crazy cart driving? Like, every time! But I don’t care because the smile and the laughing from my child is worth it. You may have those people who look at you weird, but I bet most of them think it’s pretty awesome.  So here are some ways you can be a fun mom today, because I bet your child will appreciate it!

  1. Dance in the kitchen
  2. Have a water fight (water guns, water balloons, just get out the water!)
  3. Face paint
  4. Color
  5. Play dress up or cops & robbers
  6. Play with bubbles
  7. Bake cookies (or anything that involves eggs and flour!)
  8. Have a slumber party/camp out in the living room
  9. Paint
  10. Go on a picnic
  11. Fly a kite (I hear Mary Poppins when I think of kite flying)
  12. Obstacle Course
  13. Spontaneous Road Trip
  14. Scavenger Hunt
  15. Tickle War
  16. Go sledding
  17. Play Tag
  18. Hide-n-Seek
  19. Swing
  20. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk
  21. Build a Fort
  22. Play in the leaves
  23. Go swimming
  24. Roll down the hill
  25. Go to the park
  26. Hula Hoop
  27. Play a sport in the backyard
  28. Jump on the bed
  29. Play duck, duck, goose
  30. Spin them around