Are You a Proud Mom? | Are you a proud parent


Do you remember when you were growing up and you did everything you could to make your parents proud? I do. I never wanted to disappoint my parents, I wanted to make them proud by following their rules, getting good grades and being the person they raised me to be. I remember knowing what it was like to have my parents proud of me and I want my children to grow up knowing I’m proud of them.

Michael may be pretty young, but he is already looking for that. When he puts a book away, he looks at me to clap for him. When he eats his dinner and doesn’t throw it on the floor for the dog, he looks at me. When he correctly identifies a color or an animal, he looks at me. He wants to feel encouraged, he wants me proud of him. So what do I? I ignore him right? Pretend his accomplishments don’t matter? No! I clap! I, yell “yay!” I give him the biggest smile and I become so enthusiastic. If I want him to continue those good behaviors, I need to show him just how proud I am of him.

How do you show your kids you are proud of them? Maybe you don’t. Which, I’m sorry to say, is sad. We need to show our children just how proud of them we are. If we never congratulation them, if we never praise them, if we are never excited for them, are we doing them any favors? No. Those are the kids that get depressed. They don’t feel like they are loved and they don’t see their value. Parents need to be children’s #1 fans, biggest supporters and the people who love them unconditionally.

Life is hard enough as it is to grow up in, but can you imagine if you don’t have those people in your life that are proud of you, who love you and support you. I can tell you, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my mom. She supported me, loved me and encouraged me. I wanted to make her proud and she told me so on every occasion and do you know what that did? It made me feel good and it made me strive to do better. As parents we want our children to succeed. Which means, don’t hold they back, encourage their dreams and let them know just how proud you are of them. From the time they are a baby you need to encourage them and be proud of them. Even when they are adults with children of their own, they need to know just how proud you still are of them. We hold so much of our children’s abilities to succeed in this life because of who we are, mom or dad. Remember that the next time your child pointed out the right animal and remember that even more when they don’t get that letter A. Because you know what, in times when our children struggle, that’s when they need to know how proud you are of them even more. Just something to think about.