Another Reason to Be Thankful | Thanksgiving


Life is filled with reasons to be thankful. Some of those reasons are bigger than others but still, some of the smallest reasons can have the most impact in your life. 19 months ago, my husband and I welcomed our son into the world. We were told that he had a medical condition, but thankfully it wasn’t as bad as they made it out to seem. He did have to undergo surgery but we were thankful he handled it like a trooper. He came out of anesthesia perfectly and had a really high pain tolerance after the round the clock medicine was over. We were very thankful that everything went smoothly and that he was on the road to recovery.

Seven months have passed since his surgery and we had to go back to the health center to make sure that everything was still where it was supposed to be. I wasn’t worried about it because I figured if something was wrong, that his regular doctor would have said something. Just as I thought, the doctor at the health center confirmed everything still looking good and that they wanted to see him in a year. I’m so thankful that everything is still exactly where it should be and that there is nothing to worry about. The next year visit and the visits after that will just be to continue monitoring since he will be growing and changing physically.

As a mother, there is nothing better than knowing your child is healthy. Having Michael undergo so many tests, hearing so many possibilities that could be the cause (one of them cancer, thankfully that was not it) and then surgery, was by far the scariest experiences. Not knowing what the cause was, wondering if he was going to be okay, is terrifying. We are so thankful that we had a Father who was taking care of Michael. We gave Michael over to His hands and we are forever grateful for the outcome we have.

Being in the hospital yesterday, seeing all the children coming and going for their appointments gave me two feelings. 1) How thankful I am that Michael’s medical condition was easily able to be fixed and 2) Sadness. I can’t imagine the emotions some other families are going through and not mention the children. Children should never have to experience such serious medical conditions. They are too young and too innocent to go through such things and it’s heartbreaking knowing that so many do.

So as Thanksgiving approaches, I’m reminded of how thankful I am that Michael is healthy and that everything healed exactly as it should. We are forever thankful for all the prayers, support and the doctors who performed the surgery. We have a healthy little boy and there’s nothing I want more than that.