8 Ways to Be a Patient Mom

8 Ways to be a Patient Mom

Whoever said parenting was easy? If someone did, we moms know that’s the biggest lie ever told. It can be a very frustrating job especially when your children are still toddlers and they are learning and trying to figure out how to communicate. Having patience is easier said than done when it comes to parenting but I’m here to tell you it is achievable and here’s how.

1. Lower your voice. You don’t need to shout and scream at your children because believe it or not, it doesn’t work. Lower your tone of voice so that your child knows you’re serious and can still understand what you’re saying. If you stop yelling and lower your voice you will realize that your child will respond much better and quicker which will give you more patience.

2. Take a time out. Maybe you are feeling very frustrated because you have tried everything you can think of but your child still will not cooperate. Give yourself a time out. Walk away from the situation to a place that’s quiet and calm yourself down. When mom is calm, the children will respond appropriately. When mom is flustered, the children will feed off that. Take a time out and regain your patience.

3. Try to understand your child. Respond instead of react. Sometimes children can’t communicate well. Whether that’s because they are too little to communicate or they don’t speak the “same language” as you do. Instead of instantly getting upset, try to understand it from their perspective. What do they want? What are they trying to tell you? What’s upsetting them?

4. Practice Patience. You know the saying “practice makes perfect.” If you want to be more patient, practice being patient.

5. Allow your kids to complete a task. Kids don’t complete tasks at the same speed you do. They tend to take longer because they are still learning. Try not to get upset with them as the task is taking longer to complete “than it should.” Remember you had to learn once too.

6. Take a deep breath. Sometimes taking a deep breath really helps. Whether that’s in front of your child or walking away from the situation, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Concentrate on breathing and regain control.

7. Learn from another mom. Sometimes other moms are just more “natural” at either parenting or being patient. Watch them, take mental notes or even talk to them about it. We need to stick together as moms and help one another because we all know how tiring and frustrating this whole mom thing can be.

8. Get down on their level. This one ties in really well with #1. When you talk to your child, get down on their level. Make eye contact with them. Show them they are important and what you are saying is important.

  • Jessica

    Thank you for sharing! Always a good reminder to slow down and take the time to listen and be patient with our little ones.

    • I totally agree. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not always patient, especially when my child goes back to the dog food for the 6th time in 10 minutes, but I do try to make sure that I am in control before I address the situation.