8 Tips for a Christ-Centered Home

8 Tips for a Christ-Centered Home

Everyone Christian wants Christ to be the center of their life. The center of the marriage, their relationships and their home. But not every knows how to accomplish that. It isn’t rocket science, but sometimes you just don’t know where to being. I’ve come up with 8 tips that are sure to help your home become more Christ-Centered.

1. Family Bible Study – I feel like this is straightforward. Study the bible as a family.

2. Christian Music – Listen to Christian music. Fill your home with worship. Not that you can’t listen to other music, just make sure that you and your children are listening to music that lifts up the Lord’s name.

3. No TV Dinners – Have dinner as a family at the dinner table. I love sitting at the dinner table with my little family. It’s a way to talk about each other’s day and get to know each other better. My family does have a Friday Family night which is eating finger foods in the living room while watching a family movie. But be more consistent with eating at the table away from the TV. It will bring your family closer together.

4. Go to Church – My family loves going to church. It’s a way to worship the Lord together with your family and your family in Christ. Worship time is by far my favorite part of the service, but I love listening to my father-in-law’s sermons and really grow spiritually.

5. Morning Devotions – Make time in the morning to for devotionals. When your children are too young to this by themselves, wake up before them to get your quiet time in and then read a devotional with your children. When your children are older, you can all take 10-30 minutes of your morning and each study your devotional.

6. A Clean House – A clean house = a happy wife. Which also means there is less stress on the family and you can focus on joy and being thankful. Having a clean house is good for you soul because you are surrounded by order. Things aren’t messy in your life when you have order.

7. Lead by Example – Children learn the most by example. They see mom and dad doing something, so they are going to follow suit. If you want them to read their Bible, pray to God and lead a Christian life, they need to see you doing the same thing.

8. Pray – Pray together and individually. Take time out of your day to pray together and for each other. When you pray by yourself, as a parent, do it in front of your children. Show them what it looks likes to pray and show them that you too pray.

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