Never Stop Being His Girlfriend

Classic Kolbs - Never stop being his girfriend

Think back to when the two of you just started dating. Do you remember the butterflies, the excitement of anticipating a date, or waiting for him to pick you up? Do you remember all the hand holding, the lingering on the front porch or staring into each other’s eyes? Just close your eyes and picture yourself there, on your first date, on your second date. In a marriage, it is so important to keep those feelings and memories fresh and alive as well as to make new memories. So often in life we get caught up on everything that needs to be done. The amount of laundry you have to do, the lawn needing mowed, the list goes on. Really, the list never ends. So if you’re waiting for your to-do list to completed or to be minimized, it’s not really going to happen. Which means you’re putting your marriage on the back burner, it’s not a priority. Therefore you aren’t continuing the build and strengthen your relationship and to get through life, that is the key relationship that needs to be strengthened. Take time at least once a month, to spend time with your husband. To go on  date and forget all the worry and responsibility. Go back to being young and in love. Maybe even recreate some of those first dates. Hold hands, walk under the stars and linger on the front porch but most importantly, never stop being his girlfriend.