7 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Going

7 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Going

Take care of yourself. This might not make a lot of sense to you, so let the explain. Your husband is someone you need and should take care of. But how can you go about making sure he is taken care of if you aren’t taken care of?

Recognize that growth is good. Something we don’t always like is change and remember that people change all the time. They grow, they develop. It may be scary, but it’s a good thing. They are becoming better, hopefully.

Mind reading isn’t real. Sometimes us wives think we can read our husband’s minds or our husband’s think we can read theirs. Then on the flip side, we think our husbands should be able to read our minds and we get frustrated when they don’t just “know.” We can’t actually read their minds and they can’t read our minds either, we need to communicate better instead.

Alone time is a good thing. Sometimes alone time gives us time to reflect and rejuvenate. Whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour, find some alone.

Take an interest. You like your things and he likes his things. But you need to take an interest in the things that he likes. You may not like everything he does, but find the one thing that you can stand the most and take an interest in it, for him.

Timing and tact. It is so important to communicate, share your thoughts and be honest. But remember, you need to make sure that it is an appropriate time to share and that you pay attention as to how you share.

Stop keeping score. Don’t keep score with how many times you bested him or that he bested you. You’re not fighting against your partner, you’re fighting with and for your partner.