7 Truths About Living with a Toddler | 7 Truths About Living with a Toddler


Motherhood. It’s never boring. There are so many things that keep us on our toes. Especially when our children are toddlers. There are so many things that toddlers do. They never cease to amaze us with what they will come up with next. Here are 7 Truths About Living with Toddlers.

1. Your food, is there food. Michael is constantly wanting whatever I’m eating. So you either have to share or be really really sneaky!

2. You can NEVER go to the bathroom alone. They will find you, believe they WILL find you.

3. They get into everything, even if you baby proofed.

4. Toys will be your new decor. I’ve learned to make things look organized and presentable but toys are everywhere.

5. Chicken nuggets and hot dogs will become your go to meal. At least for them. For some reason, they can’t get enough of it.

6. They copy. You know the saying “Monkey see, monkey do?” Well, it should be “Toddler see, toddler do,” because they watch every move and they learn it. Including words, so watch your language around them.

7. You memorize books. Children love books and they love to read them over and over again and soon, you will know them like the back of your hand.