40 Ways to be an Awesome Wife | Marriage

1. Make his favorite dinner

2. Do one of his chores

3. Frame a family picture for his nightstand or desk

4. Buy his favorite candy bar when you go shopping

5. Compliment him

6. Wear something you know he likes

7. Plan a special date night

8. Ask him how you can make his day better

9. Give him your undivided attention while he is talking

10. Give him a massage

11. Buy him a small gift

12. Make him breakfast in bed

13. Ask him how you can pray for him

14. Go an entire day without nagging

15. Wash his car

16. Hold hands with him

17. Tell him how much you appreciate him

18. Let go of any grudge

19. Kiss him…like when you were dating

20. Tell him you’re glad you married him

21. Leave him random notes

22. Gush about what a great dad he is

23. Tell him he’s your hero

24. Make his favorite dessert

25. Put away technology when he is in the room

26. Hand over the remote for a couple nights

27. If you’re crafty, make him something

28. Get dolled up just for him

29. Initiate sex

30. Spend time daydreaming about your future

31. Set up guy’s night

32. Tell him one reason you love him

33. Rent a movie he’s wanted to watch

34. Send him a sweet text during the workday

35. Help your kid(s) make him something

36. Surprise him with date night

37. Ask him to work out with you (running, going to the gym or taking a walk)

38. Play his favorite games

39. Set the dinner table really nice

40. Tell him you love you

  • These are great! things for the reminder that I should be doing more of these!