4 Tips for Picking Outfits for Family Photos


As a photographer I take many family photos and with being a mother, I like having family photos taken. The key to great family photos, besides a good photographer, is coordinating outfits. This comes quite naturally for some people and others struggle. So I’m here to give you some tips on how to pick outfits for a family photo shoot.

1. Style. Everyone needs to be on the same page when it comes to style. You don’t want Billy in nice slacks and Susie in jeans. You need to have a consistent style throughout every member, so mom needs to decide if you’re going for a “dressy” look or casual.

2. Location. Take the location of the photos into consideration for what clothes you’re going to pick out. If you’re going to do a lot of sitting, you may not want to wear a dress, or at least a short dress. If you plan on taking some on the farm, you may want to consider jeans.

3. Colors. Colors is probably what people struggle with the most. You definitely don’t want to clash, you want to compliment. Depending on what season you’re photo shoot is in also plays a HUGE role in selecting colors because you don’t want to blend in to the background. I recommend picking a hue, do you want dark colors, bright colors or pastels? Then pick 3 colors that compliment each other in the same hue and mix match those colors among your family. Let me give you an example for a fall session. In fall, you have a beautifully painted background of red, orange and yellow, so you don’t want to dress to match the season. I would pick dark or white clothing (or a combo of both) and accent with fall colors through colored jeans, a scarf or vest.

4. Season/Weather. This is kind of a silly one to talk about but I want to cover all the basis. If you are taking photos in the Summer, it makes sense not to wear a sweater and vice versa, if you’re taking family pictures in Winter, you don’t want to wear a t-shirt or short dress (at least a short dress without tights).