30 Day Marriage Challenge

30 Day Marriage Challenge

It is so healthy for your marriage to go and do things together and to keep your marriage “fresh.” Sometimes you get into a routine that becomes dry and mundane. You need to get out of that rut and do things with your spouse. If you can’t find a sitter for the kids for some of these activities, bring them alone. It may be a little less “romantic” but at least you are breaking from routine and doing something together.

1. Give the warmest greeting ever

2. Send them off to work with a special lunch

3. Communicate in your partner’s love language

4. Praise them for something they’re good at

5. Take a walk together and hold hands

6. Date Night! Try a new restaurant in town.

7. Have a Netflix marathon snuggled up.

8. Send a romantic “good morning” text

9. Do a chore that your spouse hates to do

10. Give your partner a massage

11. Stargaze

12. Write a letter explaining how important they are to you

13. Watch their favorite movie/show with them without complaining

14. Give them the biggest hug ever

15. Date Night! Recreate your first date

16. Cook a meal together

17. Send a flirty text while they’re at work

18. Give them 7 compliments throughout the day

19. Share a steamy kiss

20. Work on a project together

21. Date Night! Head to an arcade for some competitive fun

22. Plan a future trip together

23. Go on a hike

24. Leave a sweet note somewhere for them

25. Make them breakfast in bed

26. Create a date night bucket list together

27. Go on a picnic

28. Give a small, thoughtful gift

29. Take cute pictures together

30. Date Night! Do an activity you enjoyed as children

Photo Cred: Sean MacDonald Photography