20 Love Texts to Send Your Husband | Marriage

Actually taking and making time to show your husband how much you love, care and support them can sometimes come in last place. With being moms we tend to spend a lot of time tending to the needs of our children that we forget about the needs of our husbands. It’s not that we intentionally forget them or put them in last place, it just tends to happen. We need to be more intentional to meet his needs as well.

I don’t know about you, but I spend my days chasing my toddler, feeding him, running errands, cleaning the house, cooking, doing laundry (you guys get it right?) and by the end of the day I’m exhausted. I’m ready for bed. I just want to lay down, turn the TV on or grab a book and just relax (sometimes even go to bed early). But what about my husband? He spent all day at work and he wants to come home and actually spend time with me. I’m definitely not saying that every day or every night his needs have to trump your own, he should definitely be understanding if you have had a long day and you do deserve time to just relax. What I’m saying is, make sure he understands that he is loved, he is a priority and it’s not by listing things off to him that you do every day.

How many times do we find ourselves on our phones? Texting, checking social media, playing games ect. We are very much reliant on our phones these days. Why not take the opportunity to send text messages to your husband periodically every day that lets him know you love him, are thinking about it and support him? It wouldn’t take long to do at all. It’s a way to be romantic, keeping the spark alive through a simple gesture and to be encouraging. Our husbands need to be encouraged every day, especially work and even more so when they don’t like their job. Let them know you appreciate everything he does and encourage him where he struggles.

Some days your husband can be really down, really struggling and you can simply help brighten his day through something as simple as a text message.

1. I am so proud of you and I’m proud to call you my husband.

2. Let’s “go to bed” early tonight.

3. Did you know that you have the most handsome face.

4. I’m listening to _____ song and it reminded me of when ______.

5. Thank you for going to work to provide for your family.

6. I love you, and who you are and who you are becoming.

7. I have a surprise for you when you come home!

8. Just sitting here thinking about you.

9. Send an old photo of the two of you and explain why you like it so much.

10. Let’s do something different tonight.

11. Send them a list of 10 things you love about them (specific to this week).

12. Write your love story in 3 sentence and send it them ending it with “I love our love story.”

13. Send them their favorite (or encouraging) verse.

14. Quote a line from their favorite movie (maybe even add a creative spin).

15. Send them a prayer.

16. Send them an encouraging quote.

17. I believe in you. You will do great things.

18. When you get home, I want to give you a massage.

19. I made your favorite meal, topped with your favorite beverage and dessert.

20. Hey Husband, I think you’re sexy.

  • I need to send more like these! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • I love this! I need to do this more in 2017!