10 Mommy & Son Date Ideas

10 Mom and Son Date Ideas

Even though I don’t my little guy to grow up too fast, I’m rather looking forward to enjoying these little “dates” with him. I think these moments are even more special as your family grows. You want your children to all feel special and loved and they probably want some just mommy and them time which is where this list could come in handy! So if you have a little boy, think about all the activities and interests that he has and try to make time for him.

  1. Build a rocket ship. Or anything your child finds fun. Break out the Legos or the paint and glue. Get creative with him.
  2. Get Active. Go throw a ball, play mini golf, bowling, bumper cars.
  3. Have fun in the kitchen. Does your son have a favorite meal or dessert? Why not cook together!
  4. Have a movie night. Whether the two of you go out to a movie or the two of you stay in. Get popcorn, candy and soda and watch a movie (no chick-flicks allowed mom!)
  5. Head to the zoo or aquarium. Have an adventure where he is in charge.
  6. Play video games. Boys love video games. So take time to enjoy something you wouldn’t necessarily pick and make his day.
  7. Go on a hunt. Boys love anything outdoors. So put on your hiking boots and go exploring. Maybe even find some new bugs.
  8. Get crafty. Break out the glue, paint, glitter, buttons, paper everything from your craft cupboard and get creative…and MESSY!
  9. Plan a fun dinner night. Not a lot of boys like being in the kitchen, but you want to raise a boy who will turn into a man and help out his wife. So make cooking fun by letting him help out in the kitchen by picking out what you are gonna eat for dinner.
  10. Take a trip to the ice cream store. Allow for just some down, one-on-one time with your little man and catch up over a cone.